Spirit River (Bad Oak Boys 5) by Erin M. Leaf: Sensual and Lush

Rock star River has it all: fame, fortune, and forbidden witch power. So what if he’s lonely? He can always crash one of his cousins’ concerts for kicks—the Bad Oak boys are shifters, but River can hold his own when it comes to music. Yet when an explosive encounter with a fan triggers dormant werewolf genes, he must suddenly grapple with a bond he never expected with a wolf who ghosts him right after the music stops.


Werewolf Gregor Eutimo expects nothing but a fun night out when his sister drags him to a River concert, yet the moment he sees the man singing his heart out on stage, something wild clicks. A hot hookup with a rock star isn’t on his menu, but he can’t deny the mating instinct, not even when it means finally accepting his bisexuality. Not even when it means more power and love than he ever expected.


In Spirit River by Erin M. Leaf, I noticed immediately what a sensual and lush story it is. The paranormal romance begins with compelling and well written descriptions of the characters and the magic. I loved how amazingly well the magic was described and the romance between the main characters, River and Gregor. It expands on the world from the previous novels but the new characters are wonderful by themselves. The romance is first and foremost in the novel and Erin M. Leaf does a fantastic job of bringing the characters together and resolving their romance with fantasy elements that are well explored and described.

What was odd to me was the introduction of the characters and the world. The beginning was far less descriptive than the rest of the novel so it took a bit for me to jump in. Once I was caught up in the characters, the sensual and lush descriptions were beautiful and compelling. The only thing I would have wanted was a longer and more complex story but the romance elements were well developed. 

If you love paranormal romance with LGBTQ characters, I do recommend this series. It is beautifully descriptive with a wonderful romance. I loved the characters and I found the romance compelling and fantastically written.

Rating: 4 out of 5 shifts. 

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