The Hourglass Throne by K.D Edwards: Sublime and Heart Wrenching

As Rune Saint John grapples with the challenges of assuming the Sun Throne, a powerful barrier appears around New Atlantis’s famed rejuvenation center. But who could have created such formidable magic . . . what do they want from the immortality clinic . . . and what remains of the dozens trapped inside?


Though Rune and his lifelong bodyguard Brand are tasked with investigating the mysterious barrier, Rune is also busy settling into his new life at court. Claiming his father’s throne has irrevocably thrown him into the precarious world of political deception, and he must secure relationships with newfound allies in time to keep his growing found family safe. His relationship with his lover, Addam Saint Nicholas, raises additional political complications they must navigate.  But he and Brand soon discover that the power behind the barrier holds a much more insidious, far-reaching threat to his family, to his people, and to the world.


Now, the rulers of New Atlantis must confront an enemy both new and ancient as the flow of time itself is drawn into the conflict. And as Rune finds himself inexorably drawn back to the fall of his father’s court and his own torture at the hands of masked conspirators, the secrets that he has long guarded will be dragged into the light—changing the Sun Throne, and New Atlantis, forever.  

In the climax to the first trilogy in The Tarot Sequence, The Hourglass Throne, K.D. Edwards has reached amazing heights with the story but also created a sublime and heart wrenching conclusion. I’ll try to keep this spoiler free, however. 

Much like the first two novels, Rune and the characters surrounding him are well developed and I love how the magic is developed further. It allows the reader to see more of the world and how much is still left to explore. While the novel is left open ended, this is meant to be a nine book series and I appreciate that as I can’t get nearly enough, even with the third book. The world building is fantastic and Rune is addictive. 

I love how again Rune’s backstory is integral to not only the story but also how the impact of what happened causes him to be unique and fight harder. His family and friends make him stronger, not his trauma but how he embraces his family is a huge part of what I love about these books. As with the first two, I caution there is discussion of trauma and rape. It is integral to the character. 

The third book is just as strong as the first two books in the series. It develops the characters further and the world. The main storyline is concluded but there are enough questions that remain to allow for the next books in the series. It is sublime and heart wrenching, beautifully written and I can’t wait for more. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 aspects 


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