The Modern Deity’s Guide to Surviving Humanity Edited by Patricia Bray and Joshua Palmatier

The old gods are still with us.

The world is constantly changing, evolving, growing. In order to stay relevant, deities must change with the times as well. In this anthology, fifteen science fiction and fantasy authors tackle how gods and goddesses have adapted to the surge in technology and the mercurial beliefs of humanity. So sit back and watch Hera try her hand at marriage counseling, while Macuilxochitl conquers the world of online gaming. Buy a ticket to Anubis’ magic act or roam the back tents at the local carnival and catch Doc Saturday’s medicine show. Take a sip of wine at Dionysus’ winery or grab some potato pancakes at Baba Yaga’s café. Whatever your taste, here you will find interesting twists on how deities have found their way in our modern world from Crystal Sarakas, Juliet E. McKenna, Tanya Huff, Edward Willett, Daniel Roman, Jennifer Dunne, Jean Marie Ward, Mike Marcus, A.L. Tompkins, Daryl Marcus, Alma Alexander, Kari Sperring, A.J. Cunder, Irene Radford, and N.R. Lambert.

And remember to beware. You never know who…or what…you will meet next.

Some of us love anthologies, especially for exploring ideas that we’ve had occasionally or for getting stories from our favorite authors. I especially loved this anthology as it explored ideas that were intriguing, gave interesting insights into the gods from around the world and twists by the authors we all love plus a few new ones.

One of my favorites was Tanya Huff’s, “Your Three O’Clock is Here”, giving an exploration on Hera might survive in the modern era. “Doc Saturday’s Midnight Medicine Show” by Mike Marcus was thrilling, a little creepy, and enthralling as it delved into Doctor Samedi. “The House of Life” by Jennifer Dunne was appealing, providing a fresh updated look at Bastet. But I’ll be honest, all of the stories in this anthology were excellent and all were a great read. 

If you like stories that delve into interesting characters, or a fresh new twist on old favorites, this is the anthology to read. You will get great stories from favorite authors and new alike. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 gods

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