The Parliament by Aimee Pokwatka: Compelling Drama

“Murder owls are extreme,” Jude said. “What’s more extreme than murder owls?”

Madigan Purdy is stuck in her home town library.

When tens of thousands of owls descend on the building, rending and tearing at anyone foolish enough to step outside, Mad is tasked with keeping her students safe, and distracted, while they seek a solution to their dilemma.

Perhaps they’ll find the inspiration they seek in her favorite childhood book, The Silent Queen….

With food and fresh water in low supply, the denizens of the library will have to find a way out, and soon, but the owls don’t seem to be in a hurry to leave…

The Parliament is a story of grief and missed opportunities, but also of courage and hope.

And of extremely sharp beaks.

As I read The Parliament by Aimee Pokwatka was pulled me in the most was the compelling drama of both the situation in the library but also the tale of The Silent Queen. Both pieces of the narrative were engaging and dynamic, with a distinct voice from both the characters and the trials they face.

One of the most interesting elements to the story is the mystery of why the owls are attacking which kept me guessing throughout the novel. The situation for Mad and the other people trapped is especially harrowing and intense. The author has infused the story with the emotions and hardship but also love and determination. Mad is engaging, because she has endured trauma as have the children and adults with her. That connection in the novel is part of the intriguing mystery of the owls.

What the story focuses on is dealing with trauma and how we each individually face it, ultimately how each person faces the aftermath. The author focuses on that loss but also the ability to hold onto joy, how to find it when you have endured trauma. Ultimately the story gave me a compelling drama with engaging characters and an interesting resolution. There is magic but it is used to infuse the narrative, to enhance the duality of the story and adds to the drama. If you love drama and mystery, I highly recommend The Parliament.

Rating: 5 out of 5 owls.

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